Odessans for Ethical Leadership




OEL asked all local candidates to give brief answers to the following questions:

  • Please provide a brief bio.
  • Should you be elected, what will be your top priorities once in office?
  • While in office, how will you seek to impact economic prosperity, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and quality of life for all citizens of Odessa and Ector County?
  • What prior experience do you have that you believe makes you particularly qualified for the office you seek?
  • Is there anything, other than what is covered in the questions above that you want voters to know about you or your platform?

Their answers to those questions are reproduced below verbatim, however, responses that exceeded the pre-disclosed word limitation were cut to be within said limitation.  Candidates are presented in the same order as on the ballots.


Lori Ruiz-Crutcher

Lori Ruiz-Crutcher

After graduating from Texas Tech University Law School, I came to Odessa in 2008 to practice law for the Texas Attorney General’s Office in the Child Support Division.  Shortly thereafter, I began working at Atkins, Hollmann, Jones, Peacock, Lewis & Lyon, where I am now a  partner.  I am a Texas Bar Foundation Fellow, and I actively give back to our community.  I am married to Trey Crutcher, and we have 2 daughters.

I will provide judicial integrity, follow the law, and work hard to deliver justice in a swift and efficient manner.  Judges must have integrity, be fair, impartial, and professional.  The job is to apply the law as it exists, not legislate from the bench.  I will work hard to keep the dockets moving efficiently in order to prevent delays that increase costs to parties and taxpayers.  We need hard-working, stable Judges with high standards.

I will work hard to deliver justice in a swift and efficient manner.  I began working at 15 years old, and I am not stopping now.  This is not my retirement plan.  I will work to responsibly and cost-effectively manage the resources dedicated by taxpayers to their judiciary.

I will effectively manage the Court in a safe and cost effective manner by using technology when appropriate.  It is imperative that we respect personal freedoms without sacrificing the integrity of the Court and while ensuring the citizens’ faith in our judicial system.

I am heavily invested in Ector County and actively give back to our community.  I am a former board member and former President of the Education Foundation of Odessa, and I will continue my service on the Education Foundation of Odessa’s Advisory Council.

While Courts are not typically viewed as infrastructure, they are a foundation of our society.  Ector County deserves the very best Judge who is hard-working, not just filling a position.  I am the best candidate to manage this Court with the highest integrity to preserve faith in our judicial system.

I will provide judicial integrity, follow the law, and work hard to deliver justice in a swift and efficient manner.  I will be fair, impartial and thoughtfully consider the matters before me to ensure faith in our judicial system while working hard to reduce costs and make Ector County proud.

I possess the good judgment and stability necessary to preside over this Court with the highest integrity and professionalism.  I am a good, skilled attorney, a hard worker, a fast learner and a good listener.  I have an exemplary Texas State Bar record and impeccable character unparalleled by my opponents.

I am the only candidate who has NOT either been suspended or otherwise disciplined by the Texas State Bar.  I have integrity, a strong work ethic, and an irreproachable reputation.  These cannot be learned.  You either have them or you don’t.  Ector County deserves someone who does, and I do.

Cindy Weir-Nutter

Cindy Weir-Nutter

Grew up in Odessa; BBA (Outstanding Graduate Business Management) UTPB; Christian, Conservative married to Jimmy Nutter & have 4 grown children.  Briefing Attorney for Judge Lucius Bunton; Civil & Criminal practice 31 years; Assistant D.A.; County Attorney; Child Protection Court.  Passion for Justice & Community Service.  Multiple Boards include: Boys & Girls Club; Crisis Center; ECRW; Ector County Bar President; Volunteer for Meals on Wheels; Keep Odessa Beautiful; Food Bank; Legal Aid Clinics; numerous others.

Work with court participants to streamline procedures & resolve cases without delays
Available at all times for pleas, warrants, other matters
During breaks in trials, take care of other cases – keep the courtroom in use
Consistent enforcement of court orders
Mediation when appropriate – save courtroom resources & time for cases truly needing trials
Prisoner matters handled at detention center or by video when possible to minimize transport
Consistent & calm judicial demeanor – respect

Proactive & organized docket to prevent unnecessary calling in of jurors

Law enforcement & other witnesses not expected to wait during entire trials – notify them just prior to testimony & video testimony from job site when possible

Streamline dockets to prevent prisoners languishing in our jail at taxpayer expense

 Continue in volunteer efforts – like my Friends Helping Friends providing gift cards and other support for healthcare workers.  Avoid unnecessarily calling in court participants to avoid congestion and large crowds at the courthouse.  Allowing physicians & healthcare professionals to testify by video to avoid unnecessarily diverting them from healthcare.

 Continue my volunteer efforts as in the past – VIPS 4 years; Tutoring; Red Ribbon, Career Day, Attendance Focus, supplies & help with events; Assist teachers & donate supplies & treats.  Whatever I can do in a judicial capacity.

 Whatever I can in a judicial capacity and volunteer.  Unfortunately, this judicial position does not participate in this type of activity.  I am grateful to those who are addressing this need.

 Facilitate an efficient justice system that frees taxpayer funds from jail and other offender services and maintenance.  Encourage community service, such as trash pickup, be included in sentences of offenders.  Consistent, strict enforcement of court orders and sentences to keep offenders off the streets.  Work to ensure ALL citizens receive.

 Attorney 31 years – Litigator (Handles cases IN courtrooms); Civil AND Criminal Law; Prosecutor AND Defense Attorney; Mediator 27 years

Briefing Attorney for Judge Lucius Bunton

Teen Court Judge; Judging Mock Trials

Working with and observing Judges throughout the State; Representing diverse clients in complex cases on my own

 I have worked hard to serve my community well.  Athena Leadership Award; Community & Civic Service Awards; Best in the Basin Lawyer 1997 & 2000; Best Politician 2009 & 2012; ECRW Shining Star Award; Above & Beyond Award for Service to Victims; for numerous others & Community Service see www.cindyweirnutter.com.

Dennis Jones

Did not return a response to the questionnaire.


Debi Hays

Debi Hays

Debi and her husband of 42 years moved to Odessa in 1982 from the Motorplex.  Began working for Mr. Bushman and was quickly promoted to Senior Vice President of Banc Home Savings/HAS Mortgage for twelve years.  Worked as a consultant for Arthur Anderson putting companies back on track to making a profit. Started her first business with a commercial loan and every business after was started from the profit of an existing business.


A.     Continue the support of transforming downtown into a major destination with the completion of a state of the art library and visitor center.
B.     Completion of the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center that will make positive change in the future of our youth.
C.     Infrastructure needs- roads, water, broadband, housing, schools, and airport.
D.     Continue to develop improvements in policy and procedures throughout the county to decrease expenses and increase revenue.
E.     Collaborate with TX TECH to create mobile medical unit.

Continue to work shoulder to shoulder with Odessa Development Corporation, City, Hospitals, ECISD, and colleges. In the last three years, the county has successfully participated in four energy related business coming to Ector County that builds solid economic growth to take us into a future of new growth and opportunity.

While the county is not responsible for treating the sick it is our mission to prevent health issues by educating the public.  The county provides school immunizations, STD, diabetes, COVID testing and COVID vaccines. The county has collaborated with ECISD to do in classroom teaching the importance of good eating.

New Juvenile center will have trade class opportunities. Teaching youth a trade in which they can earn an income instead of turning to a life of crime.  The county through a grant has a mobile van, which will be deployed into the community to educate the public on health concerns.

Roadway plans for short and long term are scheduled through the MPO. I currently preside over the MPO Board, which works directly with TXDOT. Loop 338 has already been scheduled for completion. I also serve on the MOTRAN board, which provides all traffic studies, road condition assessment, and safety analysis.

Continue to work together with other community leaders and volunteering to promote parks, senior citizen centers, neighborhood watch gatherings, museums, downtown and coliseum events.  Improve water conditions in West and South Odessa.  Set policy for subdivision standards in the county to improve living standards and insure continued economic growth.

The County Judge position is very similar to being the CEO of a major corporation or in government entities the City Manager.  As Vice President of a multimillion-dollar financial institute my responsibilities included managing hundreds of employees, hands on knowledge of Human Resource regulations, organizational skills, training employees to be.

Taxpayers, my employer, have benefited from 40 years of business experience.  In three years I have increased savings by $5 million, increased law enforcement budget $30 million, Roads $24 million, Environmental $4 million, and employees received the highest percent of raises to improve employee retention, during a downward economy.

Dustin Fawcett

Dustin Fawcett

    Dustin Fawcett is a current manager of a ProCare Clinic for MCH, the former Vice-President of the Midland-Odessa Transportation Alliance, and former legislative staffer for State Representative Landgraf. Dustin Has worked in the oil and gas industry as well as in the public policy sector for all of his adult life. His platform is based on 3 fundamental pillars of Infrastructure, Institutions, and Innovation that Ector County must focus on to propel our County forward.

     My top priorities are bolstering our infrastructure, enhancing our relationships with our local institutions, and fostering an economic environment that spurs development and growth. To bolster our infrastructure we must develop short, medium, and long term plans based on empirical data. To enhance our institutional cooperation we must host regular meetings with our educational, healthcare, non-profit, and business sectors to leverage outcomes and maintain communication.

    I will hold regular round-table meetings with our business community, Odessa Development Corporation, GROW Odessa, and other stake holders to ensure we develop a pro-active strategy for economic development projects to bring about more jobs and prosperity. Bolstering infrastructure will enhance site-selectors and potential businesses moving to Ector County.

    I will host regular meetings with our healthcare leaders and the City of Odessa to ensure that cooperation and communication are at the forefront focusing on synergies. A first step will be investing Federal American Rescue Plan Act funding into our healthcare institutions strategically with a plan for the future.

    With a focus on “growing our own” I will meet regularly with ECISD, UTPB, and OC leaders to develop plans of work-studies and internships. Additionally, I will continue my work with the ConnEctor Task Force to work to bring broadband connectivity county-wide to bridge the digital divide in Ector County.

    My first plan is to have the Permian Basin Metropolitan Planning Organization conduct a Traffic Demand Model which will show us current and future constraint points, scientifically, rather than guessing at where we should invest next. From this we will develop short, medium, and long term plans accordingly.

    I will be partnering with the City of Odessa and other entities including Downtown Odessa and Odessa Arts (among others), understanding that a higher quality of life will attract a stronger and more diversified workforce. Broadband development, safer roadways, and these partnerships will foster a new and prosperous future.

    My work with elected officials from DC to Austin and throughout the Permian Basin as well as my oil and gas experience has shown me how to get things done within the channels of government while also understanding exactly what and who we are fighting for.

    I believe it is time that we have an Ector County Judge that believes in working with our community leaders understanding that it takes a team to accomplish great things. My plan is to bring Ector Together. This is what our citizens want and this is what our citizens deserve.


    Clarissa Webster

    Clarissa Webster

    An Odessa native. Graduated valedictorian from Permian Basin Christian School before attaining a degree from Pensacola Christian College. Continuously pursued career in the legal profession. A certified paralegal and member of the Paralegal Division of the State Bar and of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Work experience includes complex legal matters, personal injury insurance claims, insurance defense, criminal defense, family law, employment law, Title VII Civil Rights litigation, and other civil litigation.

    Provide courteous and helpful assistance to the public, legal community, and courts, within confines of ethical standards for clerks. Ensure the office remains updated and current with legislative changes as they occur.  Complete our written office procedural manual for consistent staff training. Maintain the accuracy, integrity, and continuous availability of court records, to retain the community’s trust in our judicial system. Preserve historical court records; embrace modern technology to improve efficiencies; and, plan for tomorrow.

    Economic prosperity is not generated or directed by the District Clerk’s Office; however, I will continue to do my part to find cost effective, frugal ways to operate and perform mandated tasks.  My track record shows creative ingenuity for locating available funding and even generating funding without necessitating raised taxes.

    Healthcare is not affected by the District Clerk’s Office; however, I will continue to do my part to publicize low-cost and free healthcare options as well as charitable drives, etc., to increase community awareness of available resources.

    District Clerk’s Office does not affect education. Personally, I serve on the Advisory Committee for Odessa College’s paralegal program. I am committed to seizing opportunities to learn and teach.  I enjoy providing education by speaking publicly to groups. We are all better when we are intentionally learning together.

    Under my leadership, the office is digitizing historical court records back to 1887 and initiated 5 separate software conversions to modernize existing legacy systems into a sole-source case management system for court records and indexing.  We have increased availability of public court records, with online indexing available in real time.

    Under my leadership, the District Clerk’s Office helps to ensure equal access to justice for persons of all demographics and income levels, in a kind, courteous, respectful, and professional manner.  We ensure the continuous availability of court clerk services and court records, which are essential to our local justice system.

    I have 30 years of directly relevant education and work experience.  I have successfully lead this office of 28 deputies for two terms. With more than 400 hours of district clerk education hours, I am a trusted mentor and trainer for other district clerks across the State of Texas.

    My husband of 20+ years, Daren Webster is the love of my life. We enjoy spending time together and with our adult children and grandchildren. We have happy lives here and are active in our community. We love the Lord Jesus Christ. We are active members of Sherwood Baptist Church.

    Christina Chris Bryson

    Christina “Chris” Bryson

    I am Christina “Chris” Bryson. I am a candidate running for Ector County District Clerk. I am a life long resident of Odessa. I graduated from UTPB with a degree in Psychology. I have worked for Ector County for total of 28 years. I did actually work in the District Clerks Office.  I have been an Adult Probation Officer for the last 23 years.

    My goal if I am elected into office will be to make sure we have the open door policy that seems to have disappeared from the office. I plan to place the clerks back in the courtrooms  when it is necessary for them to maintain the records for cases. I plan to make sure that cases that become priority are treated that way.

    I will run the Ector County District Clerks office with maximum efficiency.

    I worked in the District Clerks for five years.  I have worked in the Adult Probation Office for more the 20 years. As a probation officer I have worked closely with the District Clerks Office, District Attorneys Office and the District Judges.

    I want the voters to know I will have an open door policy.


    Ryan D. Patton

    Ryan D. Patton

    I’ve spent my entire life in Odessa and my entire family also remains dedicated to this community. After graduating from Odessa High School I earned an Associates Degree from Odessa College, a Bachelors Degree in Business from American Intercontinental University, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University, Shreveport. My husband and I have been together for over eleven years have one son, Remington, whom we adopted right here in Ector County.

    My top priority as your county commissioner, is to push for and develop an actual plan for our county’s future. Our failing infrastructure must be prioritized, and we must have measurable goals in order to make sure county services are here for the long haul. With that being said, we must also seek other sources of revenue so that we are conscientious of our taxpayer’s dollars and not price out our seniors.

    Economic prosperity must be a priority for the county as new business growth means additional jobs and taxes for the county to take advantage of. As commissioner, I’ll push to work with the city and Odessa Chamber of Commerce’s economic development team to attract new innovative businesses to our community.

     I have worked within the healthcare industry for over 22 years. A top priority as commissioner will be to bring the Health Department into the fold of our healthcare partners, MCH, ORMC and TTHSC to utilize their expertise wherever possible to better the health and wellness of our community.

    The pandemic showed our community just how important broadband access is to our school system and our students. As commissioner I’d work with ECISD, the city, and the ConnEctor Task Force with the goal of bringing affordable broadband access throughout the city and county to ensure our children’s educational success.

    The past two decades of neglect have put our courthouse, library and roadways in a position where we are not able to provide superior services to our community. I’d make it a priority to address these issues so that our community can count on these services for decades to come.

    Quality of Life has been a priority of mine for the past several years. Having a young family, I want to see Ector County flourish and be able to attract new businesses and amenities to our community. Through my work within economic development, I’ll strive for growth and prosperity.

    I currently oversee a budget similar in size to that of the county and believe that this experience will help with overseeing the county finances. My time spent working with non-profits will also be a benefit as I’ve worked to bring individuals together for the common good of our community.

    I will bring my tenacity and energy to the commissioners seat every day as I strive for a better community for everyone to enjoy. We have seen decades of failed leadership leave our county structures in disrepair and we must begin to rectify the issues at hand.

    Billy Tripp

    Did not return a response to the questionnaire.

    Greg Simmons

    Greg Simmons

    I earned a BBA in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration from Baylor University.  Moved to Odessa in 1990 to continue a banking career and have been a commercial lender for 34 years now.  Married to my wife, Cami for 32 years, we have four children: Ryan, Collin, Lauren and Mason.  I attend First Baptist Church, serve on the boards of the Permian Basin Mission Center, Grow Odessa, First Priority and the  Kiwanis Club.

    I believe an elected official’s top priorities should be to champion the wishes of those that elected them.  While the public’s priorities can change over time, I understand those priorities at this time to be: operate the County in a fiscally responsible manner, expand economic opportunity for the citizens through economic development and improve infrastructure to position the community for growth in the future.

    Before I was elected, the County had never participated in an economic development project with the City or Chamber.  Since being elected, I have championed and supported dozens of projects that have resulted in over 2,500 new jobs in our community.  I intend to remain proactive in economic development.

    We have great healthcare options in Ector County.  MCH, ORMC and the Texas Tech facilities do a tremendous job in meeting the healthcare needs of our community.  The County oversees the Health Department which provides some services to the underinsured in our community, which I hope to expand and improve.

    I have supported ECISD’s efforts to expand high speed internet into County areas where access is limited.  I plan to be a part of the next phase of this expansion as well.  I am also working toward a renovated or new library to enhance research and learning in our community.

    I will continue to improve roads in Ector County such as the nearly completed expansion of Cottonwood in Gardendale.  With the passage of the County sales tax, I have and will continue to dedicate much of those funds to the maintenance and expansion of our County roads.

    I championed the renovation of the Community Park in Gardendale last year and have already voted to approve two additional parks in Ector County.  I support efforts to improve the White Pool House, library and the County Coliseum in their efforts to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

    I actually have hands on experience serving as Commissioner.  A primary responsibility of being a Commissioner is approving a budget and setting the tax rate to fund the budget.  My finance background and years in the banking industry help the County prioritize goals and provide services as economically as possible.

    Precinct 2 is the most conservative precinct in Ector County, which is a very conservative County.  I have a proven history of being a conservative commissioner and I hope you will vote to keep Consistent, Conservative Leadership working for you in Ector County.


    Savannah Castellon Morales

    Savannah Castellon Morales

    I am Savannah Castellon Morales I was born and raised here in Odessa Tx. 36 years ago. I grew up with the older generation that showed me what a true work ethic is and what serving your neighbors really means. I am a wife and a mother of 4, I am a believer in God which has shown me how to have compassion and to always be the advocate for my community.

    My first priority would be to give the power back to the people. I believe that many of the decisions made by the current courts conflict with the needs and desires of the majority of our community. We need Improvements here in Precinct 4 holding an elected office is very important, there is more that needs to be done here beside roads, we need to go pass that and reach our community’s needs.

    Ector County can build a strong foundation for economic success and shared prosperity by investing in education. Providing expanded access to high quality education will not only expand economic opportunity for residents but encourage what one intends to accomplish.

    I will work closely with health department and any department that provides health care resources to our community to make sure our community has access to any programs the county provides, the key to a healthier life is having the prevention programs in place to make sure our citizens are.

    I believe in order to improve the Education we have to Acknowledge the problems we have here in the school system, we have to address them head on. We need to provide the resources to our Parents and Teachers. We need to find Teachers who want to teach.

    I will work Efficiently with all the departments of the county on how to improve our infrastructure. As being employed in the Department where all the infrastructure takes place, has educated me on the improvements we need. We have to make sure our departments have the equipment to provide services.

    I want to impact the quality of life for our citizens by providing services to our citizens that will help them accomplish their dream goals. I want to create outreach programs that help our young adults purchase a home for the first time. I want to create an environment that.

    I have worked for and owned several businesses in my life and have been very involved in several ministries at my local church that has taught me to be communicative, lead people on the same directive, and worked with people from all walks of life. Built businesses from the ground.

    Armando S. Rodriguez

    Armando S. Rodriguez

    As an Odessa native, I believe I sincerely understand the dilemmas the citizens of Ector County encounter. My experience in this office as a bilingual Commissioner has allowed me to effectively understand and communicate with my constituents in solving local government matters.  With my Education background, it has help me to show experience  leadership in the community:
    ·     Ector High School
    ·     St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas
    ·     Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

    My priorities have been to continue to keep trying to bring economic development to Southside and Westside city and county until the Lord permits.  I will keep the good relation and commutation within all government entities. My plan has been to strengthen the Ector County Environmental Code Enforcement Department to help alleviate the effort of significantly decrease by now having 5 Code Enforcement Officers. Developers, through the Subdivision Regulations, should be held accountable.

    In seeking re-election for this office, I will keep promoting to expand the economic development in the Southside and Westside in the city and county. I will continue to communicate with the city council and staff especially my two city council member that represent my precinct for economic development.

    Having good commutation with hospital board members especially with two representatives’ board members that are part of my precinct.  I have always been open minded to hear what we can do to better community awareness on the healthcare in the Southside and Westside of the city and county.

    Having good communication   with two representatives school board members, I hope that they would consider to build a new elementary in south of Highway 385.   It will help the students and economic development for this area.

    I will continue working to build or improve the condition of the Ector County Courthouse, and will try bringing new business to Southside and Westside of the city and county.   By having a good communication with three Chamber of Commerce, I will continue to ask them to assist me.

    As an Odessa native, I have been trying to accomplish and will continue the fight to have some culture and value system in which the Southside and Westside Odessa does not have economic development growth as Northside of Odessa.

    As an Odessa native, I have been involved within the government entities before I was elected to office.  I have always wanted to have the best opportunity for our government entities to benefit your community.

    I will be looking for opportunities of Economic Development for the South and West side of Odessa. Which we are part of Odessa and the county. How many board members of the Odessans for Ethical Leadership live in the South or West side of Odessa and the county?

    Billy Hall

    Billy Hall

    Born in Crane, TX, I was raised with God-fearing influences, taught to love God and country and developed a “can-do” attitude towards anything I set my mind to. As a former Marine, I believe in good leadership with God as head and a strong determination to do things right the first time. I serve our community through my business and church and intend to continue to serve and inspire as good leaders do.

    My primary focus would be roads, bridges, infrastructure and fiscal responsibility. Trash clean-up, volunteer fire department renovation, and more sheriff department officers present in south Odessa would be a close second.

    I would conduct regular town hall meetings, work with local individuals who have a desire for growth and develop a group of visionaries who would advise and suggest ways to improve the economic prosperity of all who live in my precinct but also Ector County as a whole.

    Health care is and individual responsibility but has an interpersonal impact. I would therefore not attempt to limit or govern another’s personal choice on their health but would possibly seek to provide aid in those areas where the outcome has a proven track record.

    Should that situation arise in my office, I would attempt to make all educational choices a matter of the family and would not restrict or enforce any particular form of education. I would offer advise as needed to the ECISD School Board if so requested.

    I would attempt to ensure that all parts of Ector County would have a potable water supply along with proper roads/maintenance.

    I would like to make available parks/recreation areas and/or sports complexes and inspire others through a healthy lifestyle of my own.

    I have been a private business owner for over 17 yrs. and have proven leadership skills with an unshakable determination to get things done. I am driven to excellence and seek to build this community through likeminded individuals.

    I am here to listen and to serve all but will not cower or bow down. I cannot be bought.


    Terry Lange

    Terry Lange

    Prior to becoming Justice of the Peace, Judge Lange worked for the Odessa Police Department.
    While there he obtained his BA degree from U.T.P.B in Criminal Justice Management.  He later attended the F.B.I National Academy (FBINA) 177th Session in Quantico, Va.

    After 28 years of public service he retired with the rank of Captain, Deputy Patrol Commander.

    January 1, 1999 Judge Lange was sworn in as Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1.  Since that time Judge Lange has been re-elected for 6 four-year terms.

    Melissa Gonzales

    Melissa Gonzales

    My name is Melissa Gonzales, candidate for Justice of the Peace Pct 1.  My hometown is Pecos Texas where I met my husband of 34 yrs.  We have 4 beautiful daughters and 3 grandchildren.  We moved our family to Odessa in 1997 and purchased our home west of Odessa in 1999. I am a member of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church where I teach confirmation classes on Wednesday nights.  I have been employed by Ector County.

    If am elected Justice of the Peace my top priority would be to modernize the office by organizing and updating documents by utilized e-Filing which would save the county money, physical storage space and make the office more efficient. I will not be charging a fee to perform marriages at the courthouse between the hours of 8 to 5 as I feel it is our duty as an elected official.  I will be accessible.

    I would like to use better technology to better improve our workflow processes this can help better improve the quality of our positions within Ector County in making us more efficient.

    I will host regular meetings with our healthcare leaders and the City of Odessa to ensure that cooperation and communication are at the forefront focusing on synergies. A first step will be investing Federal American Rescue Plan Act funding into our healthcare institutions strategically with a plan for the future.

    With my work experience has prepared me to serve as Justice of the Peace.  My positions have taught me to listen and assist people in many different situations. As Judge I will need to know not only the law and its statutes but to listen and be impartial.

    I have a passion of helping people and believe very much in truth, justice and equality, I will serve my community by what I believe.  I have attended numerous court proceedings alongside prosecuting attorneys and judges both in County Court and District Courts.  I have learned a lot.

    Steve Brennan

    Did not return a response to the questionnaire.


    Missi Walden

    Missi Walden

    My name is Missi Walden. I am your elected Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2. I began my legal career as a legal assistant at the Shafer Law firm from 1990-2004. I was a Court Coordinator from 2004-2018 for the District Courts. I was appointed to be Justice of the Peace in 2018. My accomplishments since being in office include: transitioning the court to paperless, accepting e-filing and closing a record number of cases.

    My office will continue to give the highest level of service to the public and enhance access to justice; I will put into action a  management plan for archived court records; and I will implement the use of technology to sign warrants and make processes more efficient for both the JP office and law enforcement.

    I will provide quality service and making fair and just decisions in the courtroom.

    The greatest qualification I have is the 3 1/2 years of experience being the Justice of the Peace. Prior to that, I had 27 years of legal experience with 14 of those years working in the District Courts. I have received more than 150 hours of education in court administration and 120 hours of education specific to justice of the peace.

    Public service is a privilege and I am honored to have that privilege. I would like to continue to modernize the Court by continuing the paperless processes that have already been implemented going forward with new processes that will make a difference in the efficiency of the Justice Courts and the administration of justice.

    Cynthia Moreno

    Cynthia Moreno

    I, Cynthia Moreno, was born and raised in Odessa, TX. I am a mother of 3, grandmother of 4. I attended Odessa College and Midland College. I began working in the legal community immediately after High School and I have worked as a Legal Assistant for a local Attorney for approximately 32 years.

    If elected, first and foremost, I will ensure that the office is open and available for the community. I intend to implement efficiency and improve service. I will administer Justice with fairness and Integrity. I have the knowledge, experience and understand the needs of this community.

    I believe that this office has the capacity to sustain itself simply by utilizing the services of this office. Improving efficiency and services required of this office will bring in more revenue. Maintaining a self-sustaining office is beneficial to this community as it will bring some relief to taxpayers.

    Health is very important and will be a priority. I will, make appointments on an individual basis, I will utilize technology such as zoom or any other means necessary.  This office will continue to run if possible and we will continue to be available. I believe it is important to keep these offices running.

    By being fair and impartial, I believe that fairness and Justice should be provided to all. It is important to be fully transparent and have integrity to work in a position such as Justice of the Peace.  I fully intend to administer Justice accordingly.

    I believe that over 35 years of legal experience and my experience as a Legal Assistant and Trial Assistant, qualify me to run for Justice of the Peace. I have worked with every Court which includes District, County, JP, Municipal and Appellate courts. I have the knowledge necessary.

    I have dedicated myself to many aspects of Law. I am knowledgeable with all Courts and understand how I can improve this office and would like the opportunity to do so.

    Ron Hughes

    Did not return a response to the questionnaire.


    Bill Bowen

    Did not return a response to the questionnaire.

    Freddy Redmon

    Freddy Redmon

    West Texas native, grew up in Monahans.  Graduated from the police academy in 1999 and have worked in law enforcement in communications and jail settings.  I moved to Odessa in 2010, when my father retired, to take over the management of his business.  Since 2010, I have continued with the property management company and in 2017 opened a successful private security business in Odessa that serves the entire Permian Basin.

    I will meet with the staff to make sure the office is always available.  The court staff is the heart beat of the court, playing a very influential role in court operations. Immediately going to work to maintain and keep the court docket current.  Researching other jurisdictions to see what processes, if any could be implemented to better serve Ector County.  Attend all mandatory training required by the state.

    Age 13-20 DPS Cadet Program.
    Attended/graduated police academy, Texas Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure and Transportation Code.
    Age 20-40 worked in law enforcement. Familiar with elements of complaints/affidavits.  Well versed in state law pertaining to private security.  Well versed in Texas Property Code, as a Texas landlord.

    With my experience, I believe I am qualified for the job and with the mandatory state training and potentially other training opportunities, I would serve as a great Justice of the Peace for not just Precinct 3, but for Ector County as a whole.

    Murle Graham

    Did not return a response to the questionnaire.

    Gerardo Arzate

    Gerardo Arzate

    I’m Gerardo Arzate and I’ve lived in Precinct 3 for over 2 decades. I’ve been a healthcare professional for over to 25 years. My passion for volunteering in the community is one of the main reasons I’ve decided to run for Justice of the Peace.  I want to help Ector County by bringing a history of leadership, commitment and giving.

    My top priority is to modernize the workflow of the office and make it more accessible online. Moving many services online would streamline processes and make them more readily available to constituents and other officials.  Another goal of mine is to create a culture of availability to the people of Precinct 3.

    I am passionate about making myself available to the people of Precinct 3 to help solve problems that are within the jurisdiction of a Justice of the Peace.

    I’m experienced in the processes and details of eviction and small claims court. In addition to the particulars of eviction, I also understand the toll that the process can take on parties.  As a local volunteer, I am aware of issues that the people of my precinct face.

    I am fluently bilingual in English and Spanish, both spoken and written languages.  I’ve also been involved in community service here in Odessa for more than three decades. I’m passionate about volunteering so I can leave a lasting positive impact on the people of Odessa.


    Jesse M. Porras III

    Did not return a response to the questionnaire.

    Elizabeth R. Baeza

    Elizabeth R. Baeza

    I have resided in Odessa for over 40 years, and graduated form the Odessa College Law Enforcement Academy in 1995. I have held a supervisory position for the last 6 years working directly with the Justice of the Peace in many fields, including: all civil process, mental health, warrants. Prior to being a supervisor I was in the same office for 16 years working hands on with both local and out of county courts.

    Ensuring that services provided by the office of the Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 is not interrupted during the transition.  Initiating communication with companion offices.  Exploring opportunities for improvement within the office while maintaining the integrity established by my predecessor.

    One of the responsibilities of the JP is to settle monetary disputes between individuals, or businesses in court. This gives the judgment creditor the opportunity to collect money owed, and file documents with the County Clerk’s Office creating a lien that the debtor is responsible for.

    Another duty of the JP’s office is to review and approve Emergency Detention Order’s for people in crisis (suicidal/homicidal/psychotic and a danger to themselves). I would work with local agencies to ensure this continues to be effective in assisting individuals in need of mental health care.

    I’ve realized there is an epidemic among children suffering from mental health issues. I would contribute to resolving this by working with local agencies who help parents of these children find treatment for them so they can return to school healthy, and with productive methods of coping with daily problems.

    I would like to assist local environmental agencies in improving our community by enforcing laws relating to illegal dumping and littering.

    By providing an efficient and unbiased office that is ready to consider both sides of a dispute and rule in a fair direction according to the law.

    I believe that my qualifications as a master peace officer, specializing in civil process give me unique insight into what the Justice of the Peace does, and what its duty is to the public.

    Ector County is my home, and I want to continue giving service to this wonderful community that has given so much to me. By employing my knowledge, training, and experience. I know I will fulfill this commitment.

    Alford Littleton

    Alford Littleton

    Alford Littleton native Odessan.  Grew up in Odessa graduated from Blackshear in 1963 Valedictorian.  Attended the University of Texas at Austin.  Moved to Dallas and became a Certified Engineering Technician.  After 16 years as a Technician and Lab Manager, I started my own business, Littleton Inspection Services in 1985.  First African American owned Testing Lab in Dallas.  Served on P&Z Board in Glenn Heights, Texas.  Member Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Active in several organizations.


    To make sure I run an open, respectful, and a court of integrity.

    To make just decisions in Civil cases.  Making sure the tenants and the landlords are treated fairly.  To protect the tenants and their property and the landlords and their property.

    If elected I will run a transparent court.

    If it involves a Civil Case, I will make decisions based on the law.

    I will make Judicial decisions based on the law that protects people’s rights.  I will make sure that all citizens have due process under the law.  I will make fair decisions that will protect life, liberty, and property for all.

    I have served on city appointed boards that represent all citizens.  I owned and operated my own business for over 30 years.  I have managed and supervised employees.

    I pledge to have an open and fair court of integrity, that represents all citizens of Ector County.


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